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Packers, Pats or Chargers: Which team is most likely to draft a QB on Day 1?

There comes a time when every team must consider the future at the quarterback position.

Questions about who will succeed the New York Giants' 38-year-old QB, Eli Manning, are nothing new -- and it feels almost certain they'll select a quarterback early in the 2019 NFL Draft, which begins at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee.

What about teams like the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Chargers, who (like the Giants) have aging quarterbacks -- Tom Brady (41), Aaron Rodgers (35) and Philip Rivers (37). Although these three signal-callers haven't shown any major signs of slowing down, the idea of drafting a quarterback on Day 1 isn't out of the question for all three teams. After all, it's something that must be addressed eventually.

So, which team is most likely to draft a quarterback on Day 1: the Patriots, Packers or Chargers?

The Chargers make the most sense. I'm a Philip Rivers fan, but I think the Chargers can find a guy who will get more out of the position. The longtime face of the franchise's play has been consistently good for more than a decade, but this team has yet to bring home a Lombardi -- unlike Tom Brady's Patriots or Aaron Rodgers' Packers. The Packers will follow their old blueprint and draft a young quarterback in this draft to succeed Aaron Rodgers in 2022. They will select a talented QB early in Round 1, put him on the bench and let him develop behind their perennial Pro Bowler. Rodgers sat three years behind Hall of Famer Brett Favre, and it can work again with Matt LaFleur teaching a young signal-caller how to play the position. Without the pressure of having to put a rookie on the field this season, the Packers can groom a young QB1 to be successful when he takes the ball from Rodgers down the road. It still feels like Tom Brady, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers have at least a few years left. That said, I don't think the Packers will take a quarterback in Round 1 this year. The Chargers might take a quarterback early, but the Patriots are the most likely candidate here. At some point, Brady is going to retire and the Patriots will want someone waiting in the wings. Daniel Jones is the one quarterback I see fitting into their system. Like I mentioned before the NFL Scouting Combine, the Duke prospect is a player with good feel, decision-making and understanding of where to throw the ball and the touch to put on it -- further supporting my case for why New England takes him in Round 1. The best bet for a quarterback being available when these teams are on the clock is Drew Lock of Missouri. Of these teams, I think the Chargers might draft him. They have been looking at quarterbacks the last few years, but have not pulled the trigger. I think the Packers are more focused on filling needs in the first round to win now. It is hard to read the Patriots, but they certainly need the quarterback of the future, and I would take Lock if I were them. Tom Brady looks as if he'll play forever, and the Chargers just signed Tyrod Taylor as their QB2. That leaves me with one choice: Green Bay. This new regime needs to bring in a quarterback it likes and wants for the future. He may not be a player the Packers use right away, especially considering Aaron Rodgers just signed a new contract last August, but they should definitely draft a guy they are confident in. Bill Belichick has yet to draft a quarterback in the first round as New England's head coach. That changes this week. If Daniel Jones or Drew Lock are still on the board at the end of Round 1, expect Belichick to snatch one of them. The Patriots need to start thinking about the future, whether they want to or not. Tom Brady will be 42 at the start of the season, and QB2 Brian Hoyer turns 34 in October. New England should draft a player to learn behind Brady, so he can take the reigns when the G.O.A.T. walks away.

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