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Packers GM reiterates 'we want Aaron (Rodgers) to be our quarterback'

The biggest storyline from draft weekend continues to revolve around Aaron Rodgers' future in Green Bay.

The MVP quarterback's unhappiness with the franchise, his contract and his future has rumors swirling that he wants out. The Packers brass have spent the weekend repeatedly trying to shoot down reports of a potential Rodgers trade.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst has been at the center of the storm. The GM reiterated to Peter King of NBC Sports on Sunday that the club's relationship with Rodgers is not permanently damaged.

"No, I don't think so at all. That's my opinion and that's the organization's opinion," Gutekunst told King. "We want Aaron to be our quarterback. We're pretty resolute with that. ... We want to leave every avenue open for that to happen."

It continues the parade of positivity from the Packers' side. Gutekunst said Thursday night that he's "optimistic" Rodgers will remain in Green Bay for the long haul. Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy wrote that the club is "committed" to Rodgers in 2021 and beyond. And coach Matt LaFleur added Saturday that he "can't fathom" the QB not being in Green Bay.

Gutekunst told King that he had no trade talks regarding Rodgers during the draft.

"I had no [trade] discussions with any team. I received one call from a team Thursday night after all the news came out. I said no. That was the end of the conversation," the GM said.

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch admitted last week that he put a call in on Rodgers but was swiftly rebuked. NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported that call occurred on Wednesday.

Rodgers, who declined an interview with NBC's Mike Tirico over the weekend at the Kentucky Derby, has remained quiet publicly on the subject, allowing reports and rumors to filter out unabated about his desires.

Until the 37-year-old NFL MVP talks on the record, the questions will continue to fester.

From their end, the Packers will keep up the positive front.

"I think every day we're very open to working through everything, all the different issues, and trying to get to get him back in here and moving forward," Gutekunst told King of his optimism a bridge could ultimately be built that placates Rodgers' concerns.

The longer Rodgers remains quiet, the more pressure will build on the Packers despite their consistently hopeful tone. The pressure will either cause that bridge to collapse or set the stage for one of the biggest kumbayas in NFL history later this summer.

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