NFL: Tom Brady's visit to Leftwich didn't violate rules

Tom Brady has had an eventful first few weeks as he transitions to life in Tampa, Florida.

But despite his two public misadventures -- a nixed public park workout and an appearance at the wrong house in an attempt to meet his new OC -- the new Buccaneers quarterback doesn't have to worry about his new team receiving a letter from the NFL.

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Tuesday that Brady's recent visit to offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich's house did not violate the league's offseason work rules.

"It was a brief personal visit and Tom picked up the playbook," NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told Pelissero.

Pelissero added that other teams had raised the issue with the league office as Brady's visit with Leftwich occurred during the "dead period" prior to the virtual offseason program, which began for the Bucs on Monday.

The visit became national news last week when it was revealed that Brady accidentally entered the wrong house in a search for Leftwich's. Previously, TB12 was asked to leave a public park that has been closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemeic.

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