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NFL's top 10 draft classes in league history

   Pittsburgh's draft helped establish the 
  Steelers as the dynasty of the '70s, as the team selected four future Hall of Famers. 
  Cowboys combined to draft nine starters in 1991 and 1992, helping them to win three of the next four 
  Super Bowls. 
   While many teams were busy drafting quarterbacks in 1983, Chicago found two offensive linemen to help protect their own signal caller. 
   The seeds of Green Bay's success in the '60's were planted in the '50's when Vince Lombardi was still the offensive coordinator of the 
   In 1986 Bill Walsh executed a plethora of trades, turning eight picks into 14. Eight of those players went on to start a 
  Super Bowl for the 
   For a new team in a new city, the 
  Ravens quickly established an identity in Baltimore with their 1996 draft class. 
  Redskins won three 
  Super Bowls in less than ten years, due in part to the success they had with this crop of players. 
  Bears took advantage of having two picks in the first round, selecting arguably the best middle linebacker and running back ever to play. 
   Although the 
  Bills didn't win a 
  Super Bowl, mainstays of the squad that played for four Lombardi Trophies came out of this class. 
   The Bucs stayed in Florida to help build one of the league's top defenses and eventually led to the franchise's first Super Bowl title. 
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