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NFL Films' 'Full Color Football' debuts on NFL Network

New introductions by Hall of Famer John Madden

Five-part documentary series premieres Friday, Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. ET

The highly acclaimed documentary series produced by the Emmy Award-winning NFL Films, Full Color Football: The History of the American Football League debuts on NFL Network, Friday, Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. ET in high definition. The five-part series features new introductions by Hall of Fame coach and broadcaster John Madden as he gives his personal insights into what made the AFL a special league.

Chat with Steve Sabol

Before NFL Network airs NFL Films' latest creation, Full Color Football, NFL Films president Steve Sabol joined football fans for a chat. **Full transcript ...**

Full Color Football follows the birth of the maverick American Football League from the beginning to the merger with the rival National Football League. The series, which debuted on Showtime last year, profiles the personalities, teams, news events and more that the exciting new league brought to the fans. The 2009 season marked the 50th season of the eight original AFL teams who played their inaugural slate of games in 1960.

New for the episodes on NFL Network, John Madden provides his point of view on each episode of Full Color Football. As an AFL assistant and head coach, Madden's eye for the times, faces, and moments of the 10-season history of the AFL is uncanny and telling. His introductions provide insights which compliment both his interviews within the shows, as well as the storytelling throughout the series.

The story of the AFL is told through rare interviews with some of the biggest names in the league including, Joe Namath, Al Davis and many others in addition to highlights and previously unseen footage in every episode.

Episode One, "The New Frontier," examines Lamar Hunt's radical idea that was born on an airplane after the NFL refused his attempt to purchase a pro football franchise. Follow the seemingly foolish dream into reality through the back stories of the AFL founders. From the league's humble beginnings of games played in mostly empty stadiums to the landmark 1962 AFL Championship -- a double-overtime thriller -- Part One takes an in-depth look at the beginning of "The New Frontier."

Full Color Football has been praised by the media:

"Like most NFL Films productions, it's can't-miss TV." -- Randy Covitz, Kansas City Star.

"Full Color Football ... was produced by NFL Films, so right away you know it's a winner. If you are a fan of football, there's no better way to spend 60 minutes." -- Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News.

Additional episodes feature:

Full Color Football No. 2 (Thursday, Jan. 14 10 p.m. ET) -- The new league faces challenges drawing attention and recognition but the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers gain national fame, plus how the Civil Rights movement changes pro sports.

AFL retrospective

The NFL celebrated the 50th anniversary of the American Football League's inaugural season this year, take an extensive look back at a colorful chapter in football history. **More ...**

Full Color Football No. 3 (Thursday, Jan. 21 10 p.m. ET) -- The AFL and NFL had "signing wars" when it came to signing and drafting college players. A deal with NBC boosts the league and makes a media star of Joe Namath and the creation of the Super Bowl.

Full Color Football No. 4 (Thursday, Jan. 28 9 p.m. ET) -- Namath, the first major star of the AFL, leads the New York Jets to a stunning upset victory over the highly favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

Full Color Football No. 5 (Thursday, Jan. 28 10 p.m. ET) -- The AFL impact following the merger with the NFL is recognized as the Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL beat the Vikings in Super Bowl IV. The new Monday Night Football helps make football America's most popular sport.

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