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Advertising launches 'NFL 2020': Videos look into NFL's future

NFL Players, League Executives, Writers and Technology Experts Contribute has launched "NFL 2020," an exclusive eight-part video series looking into the future of the NFL and what football will be like, both on and off the field, in the year 2020. Hosted by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and located at,'s "NFL 2020" examines the ever-changing landscape of the NFL.

With the help of highly acclaimed NFL reporters Peter King, Armen Keteyian and Sam Farmer, along with NFL players Ryan Clark, Justin Tuck and head coach of the Super Bowl-champion Baltimore RavensJohn Harbaugh, the series looks at every facet of the NFL, from the background of future players, to the changes in fan experience, the evolution of football equipment and the perception of the NFL in the wider culture.

The first webisode, "Look and Feel," launched Friday, Sept. 13 and can be viewed here:

Former NFL players Eric Davis, Terrell Davis, Lavar Arrington and Jeff Garcia will dig deeper into each webisode on NFL Network's "NFL AM," which airs weekday mornings at 6 a.m. ET. On Friday, Sept. 13 and Tuesday, Sept. 17, the program will dissect the speculation of what NFL players will be like, physically and mentally, in 2020.

A Summary & Schedule for's "NFL 2020":

  • Webisode 1: "Look and Feel"

Release Date on Sept. 12, 2013

Summary: Introduces the series, illustrates how players will look and how varied their skill sets will be in 2020. A near-certainty is the participation of openly gay players in 2020.

  • Webisode 2: "International Players"

Release Date on Sept. 26, 2013

Summary: Explores the influx of foreign-born players like Detroit Lions rookie Ziggy Ansah and Indianapolis Colts rookie Bjoern Werner. Will improvements in global media technology engage viewers around the world and inspire other kids to become the next international NFL draft pick?

  • Webisode 3:*"Global Game"*

Release Date on Oct. 10, 2013

Summary: How many NFL games will be held overseas in 2020, and will an NFL team call one of these countries home? What advances in travel would be needed to support games played around the world?

  • Webisode 4:*"Analytics and Officiating"*

Release Date on Oct. 24, 2013

Summary: Analyzing each player's every move and the probabilities within every possible football situation will shape the way the game is played in 2020. Advancements in technology will change the way players are perceived and evaluated and will transform the way the game is officiated.

  • Webisode 5: "Making View*"*

Release Date on Nov. 7, 2013

Summary: Making View, a four-man company in Norway, aspires to install a 360-degree camera in every helmet used in the NFL. What are the probability and benefits of such technology?

  • Webisode 6:*"The Fan Experience"*

Release Date on Nov. 21, 2013

Summary: What is the future of the in-stadium experience? Smaller, more intimate stadiums offering multiple seating options and free-flowing digital media access options are explored. Also, will there be a skybox on the sideline or fans tracking coaches' play calls and players' vital signs?

  • Webisode 7:*"Player Health: Advances in Head Injury Technology"*

Release Date on Dec. 5, 2013

Summary: Head injuries are able to be assessed earlier and more accurately than ever. What's next? The possibility of real-time monitoring and tracking of head impacts exists.

  • Webisode 8:*"Culture of the Game"*

Release Date on Dec. 19, 2013

Summary: In addition to the rule changes and improved equipment, does the tough-guy culture of the NFL also need to change over the next seven years? Players, coaches, doctors and journalists weigh in.

-- NFL Communications

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