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NFL admits error on Percy Harvin touchdown

One of the Seattle Seahawks' best moments Sunday during their loss in San Diego never should have happened.

The NFL admitted an officiating error on Percy Harvin's 51-yard touchdown in the first quarter against the Chargers. The Seahawks quickly kicked an extra point and everyone moved on before realizing Harvin stepped out of bounds.

"All scoring plays are reviewed by the instant replay official, in conjunction with the NFL officiating staff in New York, and are not subject to a coach's challenge," NFL spokesman Michael Signora said in a statement. "Following the first quarter touchdown run by Percy Harvin, the game should have been stopped for a replay review, either by the replay official or by the officiating staff in New York.

"The touchdown was incorrectly confirmed, and as a result, the game was not stopped. Had the game been stopped for a replay review, the touchdown would have been reversed because Harvin stepped out of bounds at the San Diego 21-yard line."

The poor call didn't end up costing the Chargers, but it was a frustrating moment because it was so clearly a missed call and it was never even looked at. Sometimes it appears that the replay officials are too reliant on the television crew watching the game. The broadcast didn't initially notice that Harvin stepped out, and the teams just moved on. Later a replay clearly showed Harvin's foot stepped out of bounds.

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