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Neil Reynolds' Week 4 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds decides w*ho tops the Power Rankings after Week 3 of the NFL season?*

The injuries to Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib hurt but they are deep at corner and loaded on offense, with studs up front and at the skill positions. This complete team will be just fine.

The leaky defense remains a worry but so long as Patrick Mahomes is slinging passes all over the field, the Chiefs are a genuine Super Bowl contender and - for now - the class of the AFC.

I refuse to drop the Jags too far following their dismal showing against Tennessee last week, but I am putting them on notice. Consistency over occasional brilliance is the goal in Jacksonville.

There are still concerns with offensive sluggishness, but what has been proven in the first three weeks of this season is that the Eagles have a Super Bowl D. And the offense will come good.

I'm disappointed with the Vikings for looking past Buffalo. They stay in the top five but have to spend a couple of days in the naughty corner. Super Bowl teams don't lose those games.

As the great Bill Parcells so often said: "You are what your record says you are." That would put Miami on a par with the Rams and Chiefs. They're not there yet but hard to argue with their start.

After a rocky start, the Saints are starting to look very dangerous indeed. Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas are close to unstoppable. Now, if they could just find some defense.

One win does not cure all of the Steelers' woes and they are having a hard time locking down opposing offenses. But there is just too much talent on this team for me to write them off.

Ryan Fitzpatrick simply has to keep the job at quarterback in Tampa after an NFL-record three straight 400-yard passing days. Jameis can wait.

It feels like the Ravens are an after-thought every single weekend. Yet they keep proving themselves to be a feisty, aggressive and competitive team, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

Efe Obada grabbed so many of the headlines in the UK last weekend but let's also give a very notable nod to a Carolina rushing attack that racked up more than 200 against Cincinnati.

Alex Smith opened things up in the passing game, Adrian Peterson went off on the ground for the second time in three weeks and Jonathan Allen is shining on the defensive line. Thumbs up!

The Falcons are another team that is exciting to watch but who cannot stop anyone on defense - feels like there are a lot of those in this season. Will the injuries prove too much to overcome though?

Philip Rivers and the Chargers' passing attack get the job done every single week but they also seem to have defensive letdowns and special teams meltdowns far too often. Come back soon, Joey Bosa.

Da Bears are on top of Da NFC North, but for how long? The defense is the real deal but I'm not seeing enough out of second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Maybe pound the rock more?

Case Keenum giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other - that is going to be the norm for the Broncos. There will be rough with smooth, which leaves them here - middle of the pack.

You have to admire the effort and guts from Aaron Rodgers, playing on one leg and refusing to go down without a fight. Would it kill the rest of the Packers to raise their game at least a notch?

The four turnovers against Carolina last week were concerning but this is still a talented team and one that should end the year much higher on these rankings. There is still much to like here.

Mike Vrabel is coaching his tail off to get the injury-afflicted Titans to 2-1 on the season. It is one of the better coaching jobs of the year so far. How long can he keep pulling rabbits out of the hat?

As soon as Patriots fans read this, I'm coming off Twitter for a month! I'm sure you will all screen grab this and show me during Super Bowl week. But are they really worth a damn at the moment?

Baker Mayfield gave the Browns a jolt of energy that made everybody on the field play better. That could not be ignored and Hue Jackson, for once, made a good move and gave Baker the No.1 job.

Andrew Luck's dinking and dunking down the field is a worry and it is clear his arm is not where it needs to be just yet. But the Colts are being kept in games by a legitimate defense.

That was more like it from the Lions last Sunday evening, showing a commitment to the run while also baring some teeth on defense. That kind of support around Matthew Stafford is promising.

Earl Thomas insists he will limit his practice time as he seeks a long-term deal in Seattle or a trade. He doesn't need to practice as evidenced by his two-interception display last Sunday night.

The Giants finally recognised they have no offensive line by getting the ball out of Eli Manning's hands very quickly. It worked to the tune of Eli's 25 of 29 day in a win over Houston. Smart.

Great quarterbacks can raise the level of play of those around them, even if they don't work with stellar receivers and tight ends. It is becoming clear that Dak Prescott is incapable of doing just that.

Oh, how New York Jets fans are dreaming of those heady days of Week 1, when they celebrated a road win in Detroit like the lifting of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Now? Back to reality.

If Jimmy Garoppolo steps out of bounds at the end of that meaningless run last week, the 49ers would still be low on this list, but they would at least have hope. Now they have C.J. Beathard.

Jon Gruden's Raiders are finding ways to get into winning positions, but they cannot seal the deal. And Gruden heaping pressure on quarterback Derek Carr is not going to help their cause.

Take a bow, Jerry Hughes. 15 quarterback pressures in one game is pretty amazing and sums up just how physical the Bills were in that stunning upset of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Texans are one of the biggest disappointments of this young season and own the NFL's longest losing streak of nine games dating back to last year. But at least JJ Watt is balling once again.

The only way is up for the Cardinals as the Josh Rosen era begins in the desert. The young passer will take his lumps but can hardly be worse than the stagnant Sam Bradford.

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