NFL Power Rankings: Vikings, Titans roll into Divisional Round

What is the NFL pecking order heading into the Divisional Round? Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings, with the Vikings and Titans receiving a healthy boost from Wild Card Weekend.
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NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots sputter into playoffs

With the regular season in the rearview and the postseason on the horizon, Dan Hanzus takes a look at how all 32 teams stack up. Check out the updated Power Rankings.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Seattle sinks after disastrous day

With one week left in the 2019 regular season, Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings. How far do the Seahawks drop after a catastrophic Sunday? Are the Eagles back in contention?
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Saints leapfrog Seahawks, 49ers

In Dan Hanzus' updated Power Rankings, the Saints leapfrog the Seahawks and 49ers. Plus, the Cowboys get a nice boost after their first win in a month.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: 49ers jump Seahawks; Pats drop

Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings in the wake of a rocky Week 14, with the defending champion Patriots falling out of the top five for the first time this season.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Ravens supplant 49ers at No. 1

The 49ers' four-week reign in the No. 1 spot is over. Who claims the throne? And how far do the Patriots fall? Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings in the wake of Week 13.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Bills hit top 10, Cowboys fall out

Heading into the final quarter of the regular season, Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings. While there's a new team in the top 10, the Cowboys suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Rams, Raiders climb; Texans fall

In the midst of a three-game winning streak, the Raiders are flying up the NFL pecking order. Meanwhile, the Texans are heading in the other direction after a blowout loss. Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Seahawks hit top 5; Ravens at 2

Seattle just knocked off the last remaining unbeaten on a memorable Monday night in Santa Clara. How do the Seahawks, 49ers and the NFL's other 30 teams stack up through 10 weeks of action? Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: 49ers hit No. 1; Ravens soar to 4

With two months of the 2019 NFL season in the books, the league's pecking order is in flux. In this edition of the Power Rankings, Dan Hanzus reveals a new team at the top -- and the bottom.
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Neil Reynolds Week 10 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds updates his Power Rankings following Week 9.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: 49ers reclaim No. 2; Bears plunge

With the 2019 NFL season at its virtual midpoint, Dan Hanzus has a ferocious Big Four at the top of the Power Rankings. How does every team stack up, from No. 1 to 32?
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Vikings hit top five; Bears tumble

With Kirk Cousins playing like an $84 million quarterback, the Vikings surge into the top five of Dan Hanzus' updated Power Rankings. Meanwhile, the quarterback-deficient Bears are spiraling in the opposite direction.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: 49ers eyeing No. 1; Texans surge

After another hectic week in the NFL, Dan Hanzus updates his Power Rankings with a major shakeup in the top 10. How high do the 49ers and Texans fly? How low do the Chiefs and Cowboys go?
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: 49ers hit top five; Bears plummet

In this week's edition of the Power Rankings, Nos. 1 and 32 stay the same. But in between ... There's a whole lotta shakeup going on! Check out where Dan Hanzus places each franchise in Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 5: Saints re-enter top 3; Rams slide

No Drew Brees? No problem! The New Orleans Saints earn a premium slot in Dan Hanzus' updated Power Rankings. Meanwhile, the Rams and Vikings slide down the board.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Bills, 49ers hit top 10; Eagles dive

With three weeks in the books, what is the current NFL pecking order? In his updated Power Rankings, Dan Hanzus gives the surprising Bills and 49ers a huge boost while downgrading the disappointing Eagles.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Cowboys hit top five; Saints sink

What's the new NFL pecking order after the Saints and Steelers suffered devastating blows to their title hopes in Week 2? There's movement up and down the board in Dan Hanzus' updated Power Rankings.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: Packers, Vikings rise; Browns fall

After a wild Week 1, Dan Hanzus reveals his new NFL pecking order. The victorious Packers, Vikings and Ravens move into the top 10, while the Steelers and Browns slide following ugly 2019 debuts.
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NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Chargers in top 10; Colts plummet

Andrew Luck's retirement and two major trades by the Houston Texans have shook up Dan Hanzus' first Power Rankings of the 2019 regular season. See where all 32 NFL teams land heading into Week 1's matchups.
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