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Neil Reynolds' Week 3 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds decides w*ho tops the Power Rankings after Week 2 of the NFL season?*

We already know the Jags have an historically-dominant defense and a commitment to run the football. If we add in high-level quarterback play from Blake Bortles, this is a Super Bowl team.

The red-hot Rams are 2-0 for the first time since 2001 and well worth being considered top dog in the NFC. This is a complete team on either side of the ball and a genuine title contender.

After his six-touchdown display against the Steelers on Sunday night, Patrick Mahomes flew the plane back home, cooked dinner for the entire team and then did a little late night water walking!

Kirk Cousins endured a tie with the Washington Redskins at Wembley Stadium, while attempting to set a world record at an NFL UK Live event in London and now at Lambeau Field against the Vikings.

The reigning Super Bowl champs are getting beaten up and can feel fortunate to be 1-1 at this stage of the year. But who is that riding to the rescue? Prince Harry? No, Carson Wentz, of course!

Tom Brady throws a hissy fit (allegedly) and Jimmy Garoppolo gets traded. Brady throws a hissy fit on the bench and the Pats trade for Josh Gordon. Winning five Super Bowls gives you a lot of power.

For his next trick, Aaron Rodgers will attempt to play on one leg and with one hand tied behind his back. His exceptional efforts aside, the Packers did let a comfortable home lead slip and that is bad.

You cannot stop the rushing force that is Matt Ryan, you can only hope to contain him. The Falcons are feeling much better about life in the red zone after going four for four against Carolina.

Cam Newton, please take note. When Ryan Fitzpatrick turns up at a post-match press conference dressed like a fool, it has been done as a joke. I'm just saying! Fitzmagic is a real thing now.

With an improved offensive line, the Bengals are staking a claim to be taken seriously in 2018. A.J. Green is still an elite receiver and the defensive pass rush can change any game in a hurry.

Since training camp, Antonio Brown has called one reporter a clown, threatened to "test the jaw" of an ESPN scribe and responded to further criticism this week by tweeting "trade me then." Worrying.

The Saints are missing the balance provided by suspended running back Mark Ingram. When he returns, I expect them to improve dramatically but this has been a sloppy start in the Big Easy.

The absence of Pro Bowl pass rusher Joey Bosa really hurts the Chargers on defense but any offense featuring Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen is going to score points and be competitive.

What impressed me the most about Denver's come-from-behind win over the Raiders was that they had to scratch and claw their way to the victory. That didn't happen nearly enough in 2018.

There is no doubt that this is a talented team, but we should all be a little worried about the fact that Cam Newton has been Carolina's leading rusher in each of the first two weeks of the year.

Adam Gase made significant changes to his roster for 2018 and even chose the team captains himself, making it clear he wants certain types of players leading the way. It is working so far.

I like the Ravens to be competitive in pretty much every game this season. What I don't like is forcing rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson into the line-up just for the sake of it. Enough already.

Every Khalil Mack sack or tackle for a loss is greeted with howls and sobs in Oakland. Well, maybe not in Oakland - more likely in Las Vegas as that will soon become the Raiders' new home.

Jimmy Garoppolo produced a much tidier display at quarterback in Week 2 and his Niners held on for a first win of the new year. The defense could tighten up a bit though after shipping 427 yards.

We knew the 'Broadway Sam' proclamations were a tad premature and it was a sloppy display against the Dolphins. Darnold and the Jets will be fine, given time and more realistic expectations.

The Cowboys have petitioned the NFL to play the New York Giants every weekend, suggesting that fans around the league will be keen to see one defense record 100 sacks in a single season.

Andrew Luck made news for securing his first win since the 2016 season but of greater importance to the Colts' long-term success was the performance of a stout and playmaking defense.

The entire NFL world was getting excited about Adrian Peterson's Week 1 debut for the Redskins. But we saw this movie in Arizona last season. AP followed up with 20 yards on 11 carries on Sunday.

Down their top three tackles, a Pro Bowl tight end and their starting quarterback, the Titans dug deep and found a way to win. Blaine Gabbert even threw for a touchdown. Whatever next?

Jon Gruden must feel sick. Well, he would if he wasn't earning $10 million per season for the next 10 years. They say the first win is the hardest to get and the Raiders came very close in Week 2.

It looks like years of playing behind a shocking offensive line has had an impact on Russell Wilson, who looks more erratic and hassled than ever before.

The Lions have gone 70 straight games without a 100-yard rusher. They have fallen quite a way from where they were in 2017 and it makes me wonder what Jim Caldwell did to deserve the sack.

Houston faced off against a Titans team missing some very key performers and still couldn't win. That should be a big worry, along with the coming back down to earth of Deshaun Watson.

The Factory of Sadness is ramping up production now we're fully into the new season and with Christmas coming up, they are finding new and improved ways to break hearts in Cleveland.

Did you hear the one about Giants tackle Ereck Flowers trying to block a fan on Twitter? He missed! I'm hear all season long, which is more than can be said for New York's offensive linemen.

What do you mean, Vontae Davis retired at halftime on Sunday? I thought he stopped playing about three years ago. What a mess the Bills have become. Hard to see them climbing out of this hole.

To knock the Bills out of the bottom spot takes some doing. But when you run just one play in the other team's half all game long and have been out-scored 58-6 in two weeks, that will get it done.

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