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Neil Reynolds' Week 12 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds decides w*ho tops the Power Rankings after Week 11 of the NFL season?*

The Saints are rolling and look like the best team in the NFL right now. And they are scoring more than 40 points at a very frequent rate and appear to be close to unstoppable.

Jared Goff is machine-like at quarterback for the Rams and his connection with Sean McVay is also prolific. The defense comes up with just enough big plays but the offense drives this contender.

Patrick Mahomes has committed some worrying turnovers in big games against New England and the LA Rams but he still guided his team to 51 points with some key mistakes in LA.

The Steelers had to dig deep last week to keep their winning streak alive and they have now won six straight. Those worrying days of early-season turmoil seem a long time ago.

The Patriots have a nice get-right game against the New York Jets this week. While they don't appear as potent as the teams above them, would you rule New England out? Thought not.

Khalil Mack is a one-man wrecking crew on a Bears defense that is one of the very best and most opportunistic in the entire league. That group has Chicago rightly on pace for the playoffs.

It doesn't always look pretty with the Texans but there is no ignoring the fact that they have won seven straight after an 0-3 start. DeAndre Hopkins is a stud at WR but the D is the driving force.

Last week's loss at home to Denver was a stub of the toe but this is still a talented team capable of making some noise if and when they get to the playoffs, especially now Joey Bosa is healthy.

The Vikings are finding it hard to recapture the magic of last season and the naysayers are suggesting Kirk Cousins is the big difference and problem from a year ago. That would be wrong!

Andrew Luck has thrown at least three touchdown passes in seven straight games and the Colts are rolling behind an offensive line that has not allowed a sack in five consecutive contests.

The Redskins were decimated with injuries in 2017 and it is shaping up that way again with a banged-up offensive line and Alex Smith now sidelined with a serious broken leg.

The competitiveness of the Seahawks is something to admire and their rushing attack is really helping Russell Wilson behind a line that is improved. Are the playoffs beckoning for the Hawks?

The Panthers need to stop the bleeding against the Seahawks this week after dropping back to back games to Pittsburgh and Detroit. Cam would love that two-point pass from last week back.

The arrival of Amari Cooper has helped open things up for the running game and that is getting the very best out of Ezekiel Elliott. The formula is starting to come together for the Cowboys.

The Packers just cannot seem to get themselves going and it is shaping up to be a lost season. Mike McCarthy's seat is warming and some of his in-game decisions are real head-scratchers.

Running Lamar Jackson 27 times in a game is not a sustainable model but I feel like the Ravens enjoy the more exciting brand of football he brings to the table. That could spell trouble for Joe Flacco.

That was an embarrassing shellacking at the hands of the Saints last week and the Super Bowl hangover is an official thing now for these under-performing and disjointed Eagles.

Tennessee were similarly embarrassed last weekend in Indianapolis and their inability to sufficiently protect Marcus Mariota is preventing them from building up a full head of steam.

A Matt Ryan-led offense is a notch or three or four below the likes of the Saints, Rams and Chiefs but that unit still offers up Atlanta's best chance of victory each weekend in a troubled year.

The Lions are giving up too many sacks of Matthew Stafford but they remain a dangerous team, as New England, Green Bay and Carolina can attest to this season.

My Sky Sports partner and long-time NFL defensive coordinator Rob Ryan cannot watch this Bengals defense without throwing his shoes at the TV. They are terrible and holding this team back.

The long-term answer at quarterback remains unanswered but the Broncos have added some talented youngsters who are making an immediate mark in the NFL, offering hope for the future.

The Dolphins were just as interesting to watch last weekend and they were on their bye. Maybe, just maybe, the return of quarterback Ryan Tannehill sparks the team this weekend. Then again....

It was only against San Francisco and Tampa Bay, but the stars have come out to play for New York over the past two games and life has become much easier for embattled QB Eli Manning.

The Browns are playing out the slate in a frustrating year but Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb are fun to watch and this is going to be the most attractive coaching vacancy in the offseason.

Good teams find ways to win games, bad teams find ways to lose them. The Jags opened up a 16-0 lead over the Steelers last weekend and gave it away. This is a moral-sapping slump for Jacksonville.

Last week saw Tampa play a typical game. They fall behind while turning the ball over to the opposition far too often then rally, pick up a lot of yards and end up losing a close one.

The Niners are another team playing out the slate but they should be worth a watch in 2019.

Defense and bad weather are the only real positives going in Buffalo's favour down the stretch. Josh Allen returns at quarterback but the offense is a continued worry that needs to be addressed.

Todd Bowles is as good as gone and rookie passer Sam Darnold has regressed and been banged up. There is not much to get excited about in New York until next season.

I cannot see a happy ending in the Jon Gruden-Derek Carr soap opera that spilled over onto the sidelines last weekend. In fact, I think both parties might be open to an offseason trade.

The Cardinals simply make too many mistakes on offense and I cannot have them anywhere but bottom in these rankings after losing to Oakland last week.

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