Mike McCarthy: Eddie Lacy looks 'rejuvenated'

Eddie Lacy's roller coaster season continues.

This year, the Green Bay Packers running back struggled through injury, looked like he bounced back with consecutive 100-yard games only to see his role slashed last week while being punished for an off-field incident.

Mike McCarthy believes Lacy is on an upswing this week.

"I think Eddie's been rejuvenated," McCarthy said Tuesday, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "His work was good today. Checked in on him, just like I do with all of our players. I look for him to have a very good week of practice and look for him to be productive Sunday."

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Lacy missed curfew last week, which was the reason he only played 19 snaps with five carries in Week 13.

McCarthy wouldn't confirm the reason for the punishment.

"We're worried about what's in front of us," McCarthy said. "We talk a lot about what's behind us, way too much, and we're really focused on today and beating the Cowboys. And that's what I want everybody to think about, talk about and that's where we're looking forward to."

In front of Lacy sits a chance to regain his starting gig and help fortify an offense struggling with its identity.

"If Eddie or any other player wants to jump up and grab that opportunity, it's right in front of him," McCarthy said.

We've heard McCarthy's praise for Lacy at other low moments this year, which ended up ringing hollow come game time. We'll see if this week's "rejuvenated" declaration holds true Sunday against Dallas.

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