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Melvin Gordon thinks Philip Rivers will sign with Colts

Searching for potential landing spots for veteran Philip Rivers, few stand out as obvious choices to sign the 38-year-old quarterback.

More and more, however, one possible landing spot leaps to the forefront as a destination: Indianapolis.

One of Rivers' former teammates of the past five seasons, Melvin Gordon, believes Indy will be the choice, but made it clear during an interview last week on CBS Sports with Aditi Kinkhabwala and Andrea Kremer that he has no inside information.

"I think he goes to the Colts," Gordon said. "I don't know, that's just my thought."

Gordon, who is also set to become a free agent, used logical dot-connecting to come to his conclusion, noting that Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni previously worked as a Chargers assistant for five years. The relationship between Rivers and Sirianni would make a transition easier for a player who was with the same franchise the past 16 seasons.

"He has [connections]," Gordon said. "Nick ... he came from here, we had him, and he's the offensive coordinator there. They run the same playbook, so it'd be easy, he could come right in and he could be telling guys what to do, he knows what's going on already."

Gordon also noted that Colts head coach Frank Reich has a relationship with Rivers after working as the Chargers QB coach in 2013 and offensive coordinator from 2014-2015. Those three seasons under Reich, Rivers played some of the best football of his long career.

The ties between Rivers and the Colts' coaching staff make it a logical potential destination. Indy could also provide Rivers the best offensive line he's played behind.

While the Colts have Jacoby Brissett under contract for 2020, it's possible the front office could view Rivers as a needed upgrade over the younger QB who went through ups and downs during the 2019 campaign. If Indy decides to bring in competition for Brissett, Rivers is a logical choice.

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