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Matt Ryan: No loss of identity in Falcons' loss to Saints

Despite a rapid improvement, the Falcons were not going to finish the 2015 regular season undefeated. Thursday night's divisional game against New Orleans, with emotions running high at the Super Dome, presented a perfect opportunity for the Falcons to turn in a sloppy performance.

That is exactly what happened in the Falcons' 31-21 loss. Luckily, the team is packed full of veterans who have experienced a minor pitfall or two.

"It was a tough night," Matt Ryan said, via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I don't think there's a loss of identity or anything like that. We just didn't play as well as we are capable of."

This wasn't a game that threw up a red flag on Kyle Shanahan's scheme or Dan Quinn's defense. Atlanta turned the ball over twice in Saints territory, they allowed a punt to be blocked and returned for a touchdown and committed some bone-headed penalties.

They beat themselves, and even though that won't pacify a fan base that hoped to see their team zip to 6-0, there isn't much of a panic surrounding the Falcons.

The team now has 10 days before they roll into into Tennessee to face the inexperienced Titans. Then, they get the Buccaneers and the 49ers.

There's plenty of time and opportunity to put this hiccup behind them.

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