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Martellus Bennett not flustered by trade

The Chicago Bears shopped Martellus Bennett for 18 months before they finally found a taker for the tight end.

Following Wednesday's trade to the New England Patriots, Bennett -- in his family's creative fashion -- said he never worried about the prospect of being traded.

"I already knew that it was a possibility," he said. "I just didn't know where or what or when or how it was going to happen. I knew that the possibility was coming. Just like any other thing in life you just be prepared to make sure you flow where the wind goes. Try to be a dandelion."

Bennett added that he has no hard feelings toward the Bears for shipping him to New England.

"I don't think it didn't work out in Chicago," he said. "I thought I played very well in Chicago. I had great numbers. Did some great things. Had my first Pro Bowl there ... coaching change, organization change. The guys I came and played for changed. So it was just one of those just another change."

Bennett will now team up with Rob Gronkowski, which gives Tom Brady two mammoth targets, especially in the red zone. On Thursday Bennett brushed aside the idea that he and Gronk are too close a facsimile to get along on the field.

"I think Gronk has always been an awesome tight end and I look forward to learning more from him," Bennett said. "There are some things that he does that I don't do and I'm pretty sure there's a lot that I do that he doesn't do. It will be good to challenge and push each other and continue to help us grow as individual player(s) and as well as a tandem to do what we can to help the team."

Over the past two seasons, Bennett and Gronk rank second and fourth, respectively, in catches per game among NFL tight ends. Statically there isn't another tight end tandem in the NFL that offers as much firepower as the Pats' duo possesses.

Bennett was also asked about the rib injury that ended his 2015 season.

"I'm healthy, I prefer my ribs barbecued," Bennett quipped.

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