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Marrone won't discipline RB Fournette following arrest

Leonard Fournette will not face team discipline following last week's arrest.

The Jacksonville Jaguars running back was charged with knowingly driving with a suspended, canceled or revoked driver's license in Duval County (Fla.) last week, per the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The charge stems from a speeding citation from last November, which Fournette failed to pay.

On Tuesday, coach Doug Marrone said the Jags wouldn't punish Fournette for the incident.

In addition to not punishing Fournette, Marrone added that he was in a similar situation in which he was arrested for failure to pay a violation while he was an assistant coach at Georgia Tech.

"We talked about it and you know it's been documented that he was arrested for a suspended license," Marrone said. "And I told him. I try to always put a story to it as a learning lesson, and I told him a story about myself. It was somewhere in the late '90s. I was a national recruiter. I was flying all around the country and I had a speeding ticket in one state and I thought I paid it. All of a sudden recruiting is over and I'm in Dayton Beach, Fla. (and got arrested for not paying the ticket during a traffic stop)...

"I made a mistake. ... I did a poor job. You want to make sure that you follow up on things and that you follow through. Now I'm crazy about it. ... I learned from it. I think you have to learn from those mistakes. I told him that story."

Marrone said he impressed upon Fournette the need to take care of any future issues before they become bigger problems.

"If something happens you have to take it upon yourself to follow up," he said.

Fournette's arrest for failure to pay a ticket would have been a passing curiosity when it occurred last week anyhow had there not been a history of frustration within the organization with the running back last year.

Marrone unequivocally giving the 24-year-old a free pass for the flub underscores that the Jags are behind Fournette getting back on track after a forgettable 2018.

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