Marrone hasn't talked to Ngakoue after DE doesn't report to camp

Yannick Ngakoue was adamant months ago he wants out of Jacksonville, and a franchise tag isn't going to keep him there if he has his way.

It might keep him from playing anywhere, though. Ngakoue has not reported to Jaguars camp, according to Jacksonville coach Doug Marrone, who told reporters he has not had any conversations with the defensive end, per ESPN's Michael DiRocco.

Such an approach -- a disgruntled, franchise-tagged player who hasn't signed it and refuses to join the team -- isn't unprecedented. Football fans will recall Le'Veon Bell's season-long refusal to report in Pittsburgh that eventually earned him his freedom, which he used to sign a lucrative deal with the New York Jets.

Ngakoue's situation might be different. Since March, the Jaguars have fielded and turned down all offers for the edge rusher, including one that NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported included a Pro Bowl player. Jacksonville's presumed tag-and-trade strategy hasn't exactly produced an end result.

In between, Ngakoue has occasionally tried to muscle his way out of Jacksonville, asking publicly for his freedom via trade and even engaging in a Twitter spat with Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan.

The new collective bargaining agreement -- different than the one under which the NFL and NFLPA operated when Bell sat out all of the 2018 season -- would factor into such a refusal to report if Ngakoue was under contract. He isn't, though, because he hasn't signed his tag, meaning he's not under contract, but he can't sign with anyone but the Jaguars.

Therein lies the impasse. Until Jacksonville fields an offer it deems worthy of a deal, the Jaguars will continue to proceed as usual. Team-friendly folks will paint Ngakoue as the selfish malcontent, while only a trade will bring peace to the situation.

Interested teams will find an athletic havoc-wreaker off the edge who served as a catalyst for Jacksonville's defense in recent years. His viability as "the guy" remains unknown, seeing as he was playing opposite Calais Campbell for much of his productive time in Duval County. We won't get that answer until he takes the field again, either in a now Campbell-less Jacksonville, or somewhere else.

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