Yannick Ngakoue feuds with Tony Khan on Twitter

The Jaguars' offseason of change continued with Monday's revelation that they have been talking about tradingLeonard Fournette, and he's not the only player potentially on the move.

Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue has made it clear he wants out of Jacksonville, but his only path to another team will be via trade after the team franchise tagged him earlier this offseason. Things have gone quiet on that front, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, who reported the Jaguars have had trade talks, but no offers.

If the Jaguars hope to move Ngakoue for 2020 draft picks, they'll have to do so before the draft begins Thursday night. Such a deal would require a trade, a contract and a signed tender before the start of the draft, Pelissero said, further adding to the hurdles that need to be cleared in order to executive a swap.

Ngakoue has not been shy about his desire to leave for another team. He further escalated his attempts to force his way out Monday in a Twitter exchange with Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan, starting his rant with a #FREEYANN tweet before directly engaging Khan.

The back-and-forth with Khan included an expression of gratitude for Ngakoue's services and an explanation of how the Jaguars are going about looking at moving him, to which Ngakoue responded "Just trade me. I don't need the speech" to which Khan replied with a reference to a need for better compensation, finishing with "I'm sure you're really driving up the price today (by the way)."

Ngakoue has expressed his want to leave prior, but Monday marked a new level of public frustration. With his chances of being dealt for a package of picks dwindling by the hour, the frustration is understandable. We'll see if Monday's bickering leads to anything.

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