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Mahomes says he can toss 100-yard ball in Mexico City

The Kansas City Chiefs head to Mexico City this fall to play at Estadio Azteca against the Los Angeles Chargers in mid-November. With the stadium sitting more than a mile above sea level, we've seen offenses take advantage of the high altitude in the past.

Joining the *Pardon My Take* podcast this week, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked how far he thought he could toss the pigskin in Azteca Stadium.

"Probably 100 (yards)," Mahomes said.

When the hosts scoffed, the QB insisted with the altitude he could bomb the ball in the thin air.

"Yeah, I got to like 80, 83 in Denver and then you have to times it by two because it's like two miles above altitude," Mahomes said, via the Kansas City Star. "So I can handle the extra 20."

Estadio Azteca sits at a reported 7,280 feet above sea level, or about 1.4 miles. The Broncos stadium in Denver is at 5,280 feet, one mile.

Boasting one of the biggest arms in the NFL, there is little question that Mahomes could heave a lengthy bomb. Perhaps that proposed throwing contest with Josh Allen should take place in Mexico at some point.

In previous games in Mexico, we've seen defenses gassed thanks to the higher altitude, leading to offensive explosions. Mahomes won't need to bomb a football 80-plus yards to score. The reigning MVP could take advantage of the altitude in other ways to pad his stats.

After tossing 50 TDs in 2018, Mahomes isn't thinking about big numbers -- he's after championships. Asked how many touchdowns he'd toss in 2019, the QB quipped:

"Enough to win the Super Bowl," he said. "As many touchdowns as I can throw that will help us find a way to win the Super Bowl will be awesome."

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