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LeSean McCoy, Bills players react to 'crazy' snow game

Sunday provided several memorable NFL games, but few scenes like the one in Buffalo, with Bills and Colts players slugging their way through piles and piles of snow in a 13-7 overtime win for the home team.

A lake-effect system dumped up to eight inches of snow on the New Era Field on Sunday, with the storm never relenting.

"We kept saying it was like we were on a beach in the sand]," receiver [Deonte Thompson said, via ESPN's Mike Rodak. "The snow was so high so every time we stepped in it we would sink so it was tough to run a route.

"This is going to be something I tell my grandkids about. ... It was a crazy day today."

Epic photo evidence of Thompson's point from photographer Bill Wippert:

While both teams mostly eschewed the pass in the snowy conditions, Thompson's 34-yard haul on 3rd-and-9 with two minutes left in overtime set up the Bills' game-winning touchdown jaunt from LeSean McCoy.

"That was crazy man!" Kelvin Benjamin said of Thompson's catch. "That boy was blazing in the snow! Caught them with a jet ski, it was like he was on a jet ski man! I've never seen anybody run that fast in the snow, that was crazy!"

The swirling flurries induced a run-heavy game. The 97 combined rushing attempts between the two teams were the most in a game since Week 10, 1981 when the Chiefs and Bears tallied 100 attempts, per NFL Research.

It was not McCoy's first time playing in a snowstorm. The running back's career-high 217-yard rushing day came in 2013 with the Philadelphia Eagles in a whiteout win over the Detroit Lions. McCoy had 156 yards rushing Sunday, including the game-winner. The back said this storm was harder to deal with than the 2013 version.

"This game was a lot harder than the Philadelphia game," he said. "I think the biggest reason for that was that the snow never stopped and the wind never stopped. In the first half of the Philly game, it was crazy, but it stopped at halftime. We could run the ball a lot better. Where in this game, it continued to snow and snow and snow.

"I think this is probably the best [snow game], or the worst one."

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