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Lamar Jackson on Mahomes' deal: 'I've got to get where he's at'

The 2018 NFL MVP just signed a deal worth upwards of half a billion dollars. The 2019 NFL MVP hopes to one day be worth that type of guap.

Lamar Jackson knows what he must accomplish to reach the heights Patrick Mahomes climbed this year.

"I've got to win me a Super Bowl. I've got to get where he's at," Jackson told ESPN on Monday.

Asked about Mahomes' new contract, Jackson noted it's "a crazy number," but added, "he deserves it though."

Similar to Mahomes, Jackson sat the start of his career. The Ravens QB took over down the stretch in 2018 when Joe Flacco went down due to injury. Jackson never gave the job back. In his second season -- his first full campaign -- Jackson put on a show in a historic offense, earning the NFL MVP.

The Ravens entered the playoffs on a 12-game win streak and were favored to meet Mahomes' Chiefs in the AFC title game. It was not to be, as the Ravens laid an egg in a Divisional Round loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Jackson, who threw two INTs and fumbled, brushed off the postseason exit, noting that he's moved on.

"It's over with. I don't really dwell on it, like losses," he said. "It's been since January, and it's July right now. I really don't care about it now. I'm just ready for this season."

A year after Mahomes' squad came up short in the playoffs, he powered K.C. to a Super Bowl victory and took home the Super Bowl MVP before signing his massive new contract.

Jackson is looking for a similar scenario to unfold for himself in 2020.

"I'm grateful for the MVP, all that. (But) I feel like I haven't done anything yet," he said. "There is always room for improvement. I just want to keep going. ... I want to win a Super Bowl."

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