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L.A. Rams exec: No promises about Les Snead's future

Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations, said that coach Jeff Fisher's firing Monday was an "organizational failure." The natural question: What other changes will the organization make?

"Any time you let a head coach go, we all have to look in the mirror," Demoff said at an hour-long press conference in front of assembled Los Angeles media.

That includes the personnel department, headed by general manager Les Snead. Pressed on Snead's status, Demoff made no promises about his future.

"Starting today, we'll have a complete review of the entire organization. We'll analyze that department," Demoff said.

The words were not encouraging overall for the personnel department, as Demoff indicated a willingness to look at every possibility when looking for the next leaders of the Rams' franchise. Demoff raised hypotheticals at their hiring process if Snead is brought back.

"This time, if we decide to make a move at general manager, you may choose a general manager first and a head coaching candidate second," Demoff explained. "I think it all depends on, as you go through the process over the next few weeks, the head coaching candidates you identify. If you decide to make a change at general manager, the general manager candidates you identify and what you think the right order is. You can win lots of games under either formula."

Demoff also stressed that the team isn't only looking for offensive gurus to develop Jared Goff, as conventional wisdom has suggested.

"I think the obvious thing people are going to say is we're going to hire an offensive coach because, you know, you've had a defensive coach or where the offense has been. I think we need to find the best head coach for the Los Angeles Rams.

"But whether that's an offensive coach, a defensive coach, a special teams coach, a college coach -- I think we have to be willing to look under every possible avenue to find the right fit to lead this football team. I think too often when we go through these processes we look for the opposite of what we had as if that's going to be the fix."

Demoff said that the "biggest mistake" the team could make is narrowing their search before they start it. It's clear that organization is looking at this opportunity to reboot the franchise once again, one year after leaving St. Louis.

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