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Jordan Reed: 'I'll be able to play all 16 games'

The Washington Redskins believe Jordan Reed can be a star. He'll have to stay on the field for that to happen.

Reed missed 12 games in his first two seasons due to quad, hamstring and head injuries. This season got off to a foreboding start when he underwent a knee procedure this spring. He recovered quickly, however, and was ready for the start of training camp

Can the Redskins trust Reed's durability enough to make him a major part of their offense? Reed is confident this is the year he puts it all together.

"I'm excited, I feel it will be a good year for me," Reed said Thursday, according to "I'll be able to play all 16 games."

Reed bases that confidence on some changes to his eating habits and routine. He has cut bread and fried food out of his diet. He's added eight pounds of muscle to his frame. He's also taken a more serious approach to stretching, a good move for a player with a history of soft-tissue injuries.

"I used to stretch, but only a little bit before practice," Reed said. "Now I'm in the training room every chance I get. I'm in there at least three or four times a day, usually one of the last guys to leave the facility. Just making sure."

Reed's 2014 season was trying. He missed time with injuries and saw his game regress on the field. He averaged just 9.3 yards per catch and didn't score a touchdown in 11 games. His blocking also remains an area of concern.

In other words, Reed remains a work in progress, and he'll have competition for snaps with Niles Paul back in the mix. One thing to keep in mind, however: If Reed stays healthy and DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon keep secondaries busy, the middle of the field can be a playground for a player as athletic as Reed.

The tight end remains a player to watch.

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