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Joe Flacco enjoying time with Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub is probably the best backup Joe Flacco has had in terms of experience since Marc Bulger back in 2010. And while that may not seem valuable from the outside looking in, Flacco is counting his blessings in Baltimore.

"I think I've always had a good relationship with the backups on this team, and it's always good to have those guys to bounce things off of and have a different opinion on things and just get conversation started," Flacco told the team's website. "I think Matt's been great for that."

He added: "This is Marc Trestman's offense, and Matt's been in it with Gary (Kubiak) and I've been in it with Gary, so we know certain things that are carried over."

For the admittedly-boring Flacco, this is about as high as his praise gets. It also makes practical sense that Flacco has another former Kubiak disciple to help translate all of the new concepts offensive coordinator Marc Trestman will throw at them.

More than that, though, is the possibility that Flacco can actually be pushed a bit. Though no one in their wildest imagination sees Schaub winning the job outright, it might be realistic to consider the former Texans starter wanting another chance to lead a team.

Given the late-career resurgence of quarterbacks like Josh McCown and the glaring lack of quarterback talent around the league, there's no telling what a desperate team might do next offseason if Schaub has a decent preseason and training camp.

Though Tyrod Taylor, another former Flacco backup, is getting looks as a starter in Buffalo, Schaub represents a different kind of backup quarterback. Outwardly his perceived value has been diminished after a rocky road out of Houston and disastrous tenure in Oakland, but this may be the perfect place for Schaub -- and Flacco -- to grow.

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