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Jarvis Landry: Odell is not trying to leave Cleveland

As rumors abound about Odell Beckham's future, his best friend has his back, like always.

Browns receiver Jarvis Landry said Beckham isn't trying to get out of Cleveland.

"It's not even about trying to go somewhere else, for him," Landry said Thursday. "He's been a leader. He's a guy that comes to work every day. He's a guy that's played through injuries. All of the things you want out of a player. Inside this organization he has a voice, he has a responsibility to himself to all of us to go out there and compete each and every Sunday. And he does that. So he doesn't want to leave and he's not trying to leave."

The tumult surrounding Beckham was spurred by a vague response to questions about his future last week, then gathered more steam with reports over the weekend that he was actively seeking out of Cleveland.

Beckham himself denied the impression that he's already over Cleveland. Landry, who also teamed with OBJ at LSU and has been a longtime BFF, doubled down on Beckham's frustration stems mostly from a disappointing season.

The Browns' leadership group is attempting to beat back the notion that Beckham wants out, including quarterback Baker Mayfield.

"I can't answer that for him. I mean, there's all the rumors going around," Mayfield said Wednesday. "But I have my conversations with him and I know what we talk about, so I trust him wholeheartedly."

The Browns' disappointing 6-7 season, coupled with Beckham's underwhelming production -- 59 receptions for 844 yards, 2 TD in 13 games -- casts a shadow over an organization regularly in disarray. Beckham's future in Cleveland, regardless of what's said in December, will ultimately be decided after the 2019 campaign is over.

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