Jamal Adams: Jets weren't ready for Baker Mayfield

Basking in the glory that was quarterback and instant media darling Sam Darnold's debut and a Jets victory in Week 1 over the Lions seems like so very long ago.

In the aftermath of New York's second straight defeat -- this one deemed a collapse by many as the Jets squandered a 14-point lead before losing to the Baker Mayfield-led Browns, 21-17, for all the world to see on Thursday night -- that season-opening triumph has seemingly been forgotten.

And it's Mayfield, the No. 1 overall pick, who's seemingly being talked about in New York more so than the Jets' first-rounder Darnold.

Just ask New York safety Jamal Adams.

"We had to be open to knowing that Baker could come in, but we were prepared for Tyrod," the 2017 first-round pick said Tuesday on WFAN, per the New York Post's Brian Costello. "When Baker came in, obviously we didn't have a game plan for him. But hats off to him. He came in; he definitely played lights out. They gained momentum and we just couldn't grab it back."

If you dissect those sentiments, there's a bit of a contradictory light to it.

Adams believes the Jets should've been "open" to the possibility of Mayfield playing, but "obviously" they didn't practice for him.

Whether a media storm has been created or not, thinking a team -- on a short week, no less -- would game plan for a backup quarterback is a bit suspect. Especially considering said backup had never played an NFL regular season contest.

So unless Jets coach Todd Bowles and Co. wanted to watch some college game tape or relive a season of Hard Knocks, there wasn't much to be done to prepare for Mayfield to possibly come off the bench and make his NFL debut.

Heck, when that happened, Adams didn't even know Browns starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor had been concussed.

"We didn't see it happening. I'm just being honest," he said. "I didn't find out that Tyrod had a concussion until after the game. I thought they took him out. Injuries occur and the next man up. We weren't prepared for [Mayfield].

"They're very similar guys in ways they can move in the pocket and throw the football. At the same time, we stuck to our game plan. Baker came in and he played phenomenal. Hats off to him."

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