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Jaguars signed TE Tim Tebow for one-year, minimum $920K deal

Tim Tebow's return to the NFL became official Thursday. A day later, we learned he's back for the bare minimum.

Tebow signed a one-year deal worth $920,000, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, per a source informed of the situation. The contract does not include any guaranteed money, Rapoport added.

It's no surprise, of course, seeing as Tebow hasn't played in a regular-season game since 2012, but since he's getting a last chance at reviving his football career with his former college coach, Urban Meyer, it's worth noting. It's also a sign, as Rapoport tweeted, that Tebow will have to fight to make the team.

Jacksonville lacked talent perhaps more than any other team in the NFL in 2020, finishing with the league's worst record and the No. 1 overall pick. Meyer and general manager Trent Baalke have since gone about remaking the franchise to fit their vision, and apparently, part of that vision includes a culture that Tebow could help improve.

He'll do so for the least amount of money a veteran can make in the NFL, but this wasn't really about the money. After meandering through minor league baseball in the Mets organization and working as a broadcaster in the baseball offseason, Tebow is headed back to the field with perhaps the only team that would've given him a chance. He might be No. 90 of the 90 players on a roster that was, again, the worst in football last season, but he's still within that threshold, which is all that matters for the 33-year-old.

Should he make the team, Tebow will again serve as consistent sports content fodder -- and he'll do it for just under $1 million pre-tax dollars.

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