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Jaguars HC Urban Meyer ahead of Week 5: 'The reality is the AFC South is within striking distance'

After apologizing for being "a distraction" to his club over the weekend, Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer spun his attention to the future. Despite being 0-4 to start his career as an NFL head coach, Meyer believes his club can make a run the rest of the way.

"The reality is the AFC South is within striking distance," Meyer said.

Hey, stop giggling. Let's hear the man out.

"This team is a much different team than it was Week 1," Meyer said, via the team's official website. "In a tough environment [in Cincinnati], to go up and play like our players played ... I was very proud of them. The team's a much better team than it was Week 1. We just have to keep improving.

"The reality is when you turn on the videotape Week 1 to Week 4 it's a markedly improved team. If we continue to make strides -- which young team, new systems, you would expect that. I see it clear as day."

Meyer isn't wrong that his club has displayed improvement on both sides of the ball as the weeks progress. Most importantly, No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence played his best game in Thursday night's last-second loss, as he was given increased chances to use his legs, as well as arm. If Lawrence continues to improve, the Jags have a chance to be entertaining.

Meyer also isn't wrong that the AFC South is primed for someone to reach up and snatch it. The 2-2 Tennessee Titans lead the way, and they are banged up having just lost to the rebuilding New York Jets. The Indianapolis Colts have the pieces to make a run, but have yet to jell on either side of the ball in their 1-3 start. And the Houston Texans (1-3) have been a dumpster fire since Tyrod Taylor injured his hamstring, including Sunday's 40-0 blowout loss to Buffalo.

So, yes, the Jaguars do have a shot at making noise in the AFC South. The question is whether there is enough talent to stack wins even in a weak division and whether Meyer is the man to lead them. Also, what is a coach supposed to say at this point, "well, we're probably gonna lose about 12 more games here"?

With 13 games remaining, we're not even at the quarter mark of the season. A long road remains. Meyer's Jags slowly climbing their way out of the hole they've dug or falling further into the abyss are both in play.

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