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If Packers take QB, Rodgers says he'll beat him out

In the early 2000s, whenever scuttle about the Green Bay Packers selecting an heir to quarterback Brett Favre surfaced, the gunslinger responded that he hoped management would select a player who could help him win on the field, not a QB who would sit on the bench.

The Packers did just that for years, until 2005 when Cal signal-caller Aaron Rodgers fell into their laps at No. 24 overall.

The rest, as they say, is well-rehashed history.

After sitting behind Favre for three years, Rodgers took over and hasn't looked over his shoulder since.

With A-A-ron turning 37 years old during the 2020 season, perhaps the time has come for the Packers to draft their next signal-caller of the future (who will undoubtedly be sprinkled with a magical dust that will stretch Green Bay's run of enchanted QB play to 50 years).

During an interview on ESPN Milwaukee radio, Rodgers said he wouldn't be bothered if the Packers drafted a QB high this season, but noted he'd like management to bring in players who could "come in and help us right away."

"I'm a realist; I know where we're at as an organization and I know where I'm at in my career," Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

Rogers added that if the Packers do select a quarterback early, he's confident a rookie won't be taking his job.

"I'm confident (he is) not going to beat me out anytime soon," the QB said.

That's the kind of fire that could spark Rodgers back to his MVP level if the Packers surround him with requisite talent this year.

The last several seasons, Rodgers hasn't played up to his lofty standards, whether due to injury or lack of play-making weapons, or faulty play on his own part. The dip in production from his perch atop Best QB Mountain has led to speculation that Green Bay needs to find an adequate understudy to take over eventually.

A change isn't happening this year, but an heir could be on the Packers' menu come draft night.

If Green Bay does use an early pick on a quarterback, we'll assume Rodgers will greet said player with a greater mentorship than he notoriously received from Favre.

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