Hue Jackson on Browns' woes: 'I'm not blinking'

If there's reason to panic in Cleveland, don't ask Hue Jackson to lead the parade.

The Browns coach on Thursday dismissed suggestions the sky is falling all over again, telling reporters the early season cavalcade of injuries are just part of the game.

"I'm not blinking ... I'm never going to do that," Jackson said, adding: "This organization depends on me having a positive outlook ... I've seen this before."

The Browns have been lashed by injuries, losing two starting quarterbacks in Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown before dazzling rookie receiver Corey Coleman broke his hand during Wednesday's practice. Promising third-round pass rusher Carl Nassib also broke his hand in Sunday's loss to the Ravens.

It's easy for fans to wonder if hell is being unleashed on the team all over again -- the first two weeks of the season have been ridiculous -- but Jackson's approach is exactly what the club needs.

If your coach loses his cool, players will follow. Jackson has inherited a team with plenty of holes and issues -- amid an ongoing battle with the seemingly irate football gods -- but he's been as advertised so far.

His approach should give Cleveland at least one thing to smile about heading into Sunday's showdown with the Dolphins.

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