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Heyward: James Harrison exit like Hulk Hogan to NWO

Was James Harrison's defection to the New England Patriots the biggest heel turn since Hulk Hogan's move to the NWO?

Cameron Heyward thinks so.

Speaking on NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Friday, it's clear the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end isn't too pleased with Harrison's decision to join their longtime AFC rivals.

"It was definitely a heel turn move," Heyward said. "It's almost like Hulk Hogan when he went to the NWO, nobody's happy about that. But it's his decision. It just means he won't be in the ring with us."

The Steelers cut the 39-year-old linebacker on Saturday after he said he requested to be released by the team three times. Harrison, who was limited to just 38 snaps over five games with the team, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he wanted to go to a team that would actually play him.

After clearing waivers Monday, he signed with the Patriots. The whole episode hasn't gone down well with some of his former teammates.

"You know, James always going to be remembered as a Steeler," Heyward said. "But he made a decision for him and his family and I guess he thought it was the best decision for him. This wasn't a decision he made in just one day -- he thought this the whole year."

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