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Here's why you can't tweet at 49ers' Jim Tomsula

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula is not on Twitter, and probably never will be.

Amid a horrendous offseason, it seems social media is the one thing Tomsula dislikes more than premature player retirements.

"I don't get it, personally," Tomsula said, via The Sacramento Bee. "Talking purely personal here, OK? It just so happens every time I hear about it, it's not in a good way."

Tomsula heard about it most recently when his quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, used one of his platforms for an insensitive post about a flood that killed more than 20 people in Houston. He has since apologized.

Of course, some of his players have been downright inspiring on Twitter and Instagram following what has been a non-stop firestorm this offseason, especially after the recent loss of star offensive lineman Anthony Davis.

But from a coach's perspective, it all seems to be a lose-lose situation. Any public good built up on Twitter can be immediately erased following a good old fashioned tirade that spreads across the Internet, and Tomsula added that it can be difficult to clear up miscommunications once they go viral. 

All of this means you can stop searching for @JimTomsula for a while. 

"To me, that's what you can't do on social media," he said. "If you misspeak -- and God knows as much as I misspeak, I'd be a disaster on that stuff."

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