Hasselbeck: 'This is 100 percent Andrew Luck's team'

Matt Hasselbeck keeps playing well, posting a 4-0 record in starts for the Indianapolis Colts.

Still, the 40-year-old quarterback doesn't believe in sticking with the hot hand. Hasselbeck said Wednesday he's just holding down the fort until Andrew Luck returns.

"I know the truth, I know what reality is," Hasselbeck said, via ESPN.com. "This is 100 percent Andrew Luck's team. Not only is he the quarterback of the future, he's been the quarterback of the past. He has earned every bit of respect that he gets in this locker room. Nothing has been given to him. It's his team. I think he and I are clear on that."

Hasselbeck's comments echo Chuck's "ludicrous" response when asked Monday if he should stick with the veteran even when Luck is healthy.

Yes, the Colts offense has been efficient and is turning the ball over less with Hasselbeck, but it's still averaging 46.7 yards per game less without Luck under center.

Luck has been throwing a "fair, intense amount" without pain. He's expected to return around mid-December.

Hasselbeck has done a solid job -- the job he's paid a pretty penny to do when needed -- in Luck's stead, but even the veteran quarterback is scoffing at any notion he should keep the starting gig when Luck is healthy.

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