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Hall passed: Parcells, Brown and Carter snubbed

INDIANAPOLIS -- For the past seven years, I've had the privilege of doing the live radio show during the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions in Canton, Ohio. When the ceremony comes to an end, I always feel like the selection committee got it right. The voters have a very tough job.

I felt that way Saturday night, after the announcement of the Hall of Fame Class of 2012. These six men all deserve the honor.

But it's still hard to look at some of the men who didn't make the cut without thinking that they belong as well.

The snubs

» I really thought Bill Parcells would get into the Hall of Fame on his first attempt. There might have been a sentiment in the voting room that Parcells might work in the NFL again as a team president, which could've made some voters reluctant to put him in Canton right now. There also will be some speculation that Parcells rubbed some of the media the wrong way during his career, derailing his chances of a first-year election. Obviously, I hope that's not true. All I can say is that Parcells -- a two-time Super Bowl winner and the man who helped turn around the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins -- deserves to be in Canton.

» I talked with Raiders icon Tim Brown on Friday, and I thought he had a great chance to get in. As Brown told me, not only was he proud of his 14,934 receiving yards, 1,094 receptions and 100 touchdown grabs, but he also pointed out that he caught passes from 21 different NFL quarterbacks in his career and had 3,320 punt return yards. He is a Hall of Famer for sure.

» I feel bad for Cris Carter, the fantastic Vikings wideout, as well. The fact remains that it is getting harder and harder for wide receivers like Brown and Carter to get the nod with stats that are close to a decade old in a game that's becoming more pass-happy by the second.

Inductee notes

» Willie Roaf stands out for me, especially after a few long conversations I had a week ago with Bill Kuharich, the former New Orleans general manager. Kuharich drafted Roaf and eventually brought him to Kansas City. As Kuharich said, Roaf went to 11 Pro Bowls and never got help blocking the best pass rushers in the NFL.

» Curtis Martin is one of the classiest NFL players, regardless of position. When he tells his story on the stage in Canton, there won't be a dry eye in the house.

» It had to be tough to sort through the great pass rushers this year, especially when you consider Kevin Greene (not elected) had 10 more sacks in four fewer games than Chris Doleman (elected). I watched Doleman up close many times, though, and I think the committee got it right.

In conclusion, I'd be remiss not to bring up an idea I've felt strongly about the past three years. It's time to induct more people each year into the Hall of Fame. With 32 teams now playing the game and rosters that include up to 53 players, we should increase the Canton numbers, too.

If that happens, we might have more time to celebrate the inductees, rather than second-guess the snubs.

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