Good/Bad Week: Cardinals fans rejoice at Fitz's return

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks. Let's take a look back at the week and decide who won ... and who lost.

It was a good week for ...

Frank Reich: Reich had one of the lines of the offseason when asked during his introductory press conference if he loved or hated Josh McDaniels, whose decision to leave the Colts at the altar created Reich's unlikely opportunity to break through as a head coach. "The backup role has suited me well in my career," he deadpanned. Nicely done. Seriously, though, this is an incredible opportunity and one that essentially fell into his lap. If Andrew Luck comes back healthy -- a big if, of course -- Reich might have scored the best head-coaching gig on the market. Not bad for a guy who was pretty much off the grid as an option for the other six openings.

Cardinals fans:Larry Fitzgeraldain't done yet. The most beloved player in franchise history confirmed to new Cardinals coach Steve Wilks that he will return for a 15th season. Cue the huge sigh of relief for a team and fan base that could use some good news following the retirements of Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians. Given Fitz's unmatched stature in the organization, don't be surprised if the Cardinals make a serious run at a veteran quarterback who can help ensure Fitzgerald doesn't play out the twilight of his career on an NFL also-ran.

AJ McCarron: Good for McCarron, who won a contract battle with the Bengals and will get to test his value on the free-agent market. He's another intriguing name at quarterback, and not just because of his distractingly incongruent tattoo situation. Meanwhile, millions of Browns fans just got a lot more uncomfortable at the thought of the Cleveland braintrust passing on Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen so they can back up the Brink's truck to Andy Dalton's backup. The fear is real, Browns fans. Hang in there ...

It was a bad week for ...

Sebastian Janikowski: After 18 seasons in Oakland, Seabass was informed Thursday that the Raiders will be parting ways with their forever place kicker. It's a bad week for old guys. From ESPN's Todd Archer: With Janikowski now unemployed, only three players from the 2000 through 2003 draft classes -- that's 1,023 guys -- are currently under contract for 2018. That number will go up in the next couple months. Janikowski's kicking days probably aren't done, and current old-guy free agents like Drew Brees, Josh McCown and Julius Peppers will have work if they want it.

And which guys from 2000-03 classes are locked and loaded for 2018? I'll give you a second ... OK, time's up. Tom Brady, Terrell Suggs and Jason Witten.

Legion of Boom fans: The positive news is that Kam Chancellorsounds optimistic that the neck injury he suffered last season won't end his career. But Chancellor still needs to get medically cleared, which makes him a major question mark. Richard Sherman, meanwhile, announced earlier this month that he's representing himself in contract talks with the Seahawks. This is the same Sherman who turns 30 in March, is recovering from a torn Achilles and is set to make $11 million in the final year of his deal. His return shouldn't be assumed, either. It's possible both stars are back at the Clink, but the 12s are right to be nervous that the Legion of Boom could already be history.

Baker Mayfield: OK, this is cheating. Mayfield is one of the hottest prospects as we approach the NFL Scouting Combine, and there's a good chance he ends up as a first-round pick come late April. Life, on balance, is quite splendid for the young former Oklahoma quarterback. But how annoying must it be for the charismatic/boorish (your pick) Mayfield to be asked on a daily basis, "Why shouldn't people see you as Johnny Manziel 2.0?" Manziel, of course, has also wiggled his way back into the news cycle, which means he's getting it, too. "Why shouldn't people see Baker Mayfield as Johnny Manziel 2.0?" I'm sure that's fun. Consider it just another reminder of the long-term ramifications -- and over-the-top comparisons -- that come with grabbing your crotch on national television. Don't do it, kids.

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