Five takeaways from 'Top 100' reveal of 20-11

NFL Network continued "The Top 100 Players 2015" countdown on Wednesday, revealing players 20 through 11 on the list. Our five takeaways from the latest episode:

  1. We've reached the cornerbacks' episode of the Top 100. A lot of chirping between this group persists over who reigns as the top corner in the NFL. Dinging Richard Sherman for winning alongside the best secondary in the NFL and not playing follow-the-best-receiver every week is fashionable, but players still view the Seattle Seahawks' cover man as the top defensive back in the NFL. Ranked No. 11 on the 2015 edition, Sherman fell four spots from last season's poll. He still remains above Darrelle Revis (No. 17) and Patrick Peterson (19).

Revis made the leap from No. 37 last year and 67 in 2013 after finally recovering from a torn ACL. The No. 5 overall ranked player in 2012 returns to the Jets, where it will be interesting to see how Todd Bowles utilizes the older corner.

  1. Perhaps Julio Jones' agent will use the Top 100 list during the negotiating process with the Atlanta Falcons. After missing the list in 2014 due to injury, Jones vaulted to No. 13 -- the third-best receiver in the players' rankings. He sits ahead of other young studs, Dez Bryant (No. 15) and Demaryius Thomas (20). All three are looking for huge, long-term contracts in the coming months and their deals could come out as close as their rankings. While we might put Bryant atop the threesome, the voting players saw Jones as the top dog of the young group.
  1. Le'Veon Bell makes his debut on the list all the way up at No. 16. As the best dual-threat running back in the NFL, Bell's value to the Pittsburgh Steelers was evident by his absence in the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Bell, who is appealing a three-game suspension, could shoot up even further on next year's list.

Let's stick with the running backs. While Jamaal Charles might go mostly unnoticed by the masses outside of Kansas City, players consistently keep the shifty back high in their ratings. His No. 12 rating is four spots lower than the No. 8 placement in 2014. He also rates as the third-best running back on the list.

  1. Voters love stud middle linebacker Luke Kuehly. The Carolina Panthers' tackling machine is the highest linebacker on the list, which is a surprise considering outside linebackers normally earn more highlights and gobble up sacks by the handful -- Justin Houston, anyone?
  1. Jordy Nelson finally found the love from his colleagues. Nelson made an astronomical leap from No. 83 in 2014 all the way to No. 18. Aaron Rodgers' favorite target is mixed right in with the young bucks on the list, which feels about right coming off a career-high 1,519-yard season, fourth-best in the NFL.
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