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Everything you need to know about #Bannergate

It's been a day since North Carolina Army vet Mike Dobs had his man room compromised forever by the scoundrel Cam Newton.

Here's a quick history of #Bannergate and where we stand 24 hours later:

» Dobs, a Wisconsin native and die-hard Packers fan living in Fayetteville, N.C., brought a large banner to Bank Of America Stadium on Sunday. The sign featured an outline of the state of North Carolina with a Packers "G" in the center and the text "North Carolina Cheesehead". Dobs -- who saved all year to spend $3,700 on tickets for his family of five -- planned to give the banner a permanent home in his "man room."

» Newton observed the signage during his pre-game warmups, took possession of it and carried the banner with him into the stadium tunnel. The banner was never seen again. Newton didn't deny his actions after the game: "There's a Green Bay banner in Bank of America Stadium. That don't match. I feel it's my due diligence to protect this house."

» "Protect this house" is the long-standing slogan of Under Armour, a popular apparel company that endorses Newton. Here's a crazy commercial starring Cam from a few years back.

» An outraged Dobs reported the confiscation to stadium police and Panthers officials. He told the local ABC affiliate that he arrived at Bank Of America Stadium two hours before kickoff and was told by stadium officials that the banner was in compliance. "I paid. I'm your customer," Dobs said Monday. "I paid for you, and you steal my property and disrespect (me)... and then you try to spin the story in many different ways."

»Panthers coach Ron Rivera addressed the situation on Monday: "It's still a side story as far as I'm concerned. It's being taken care of. Cam's been talked to and we are reaching out to the other party, and that's where we are."

»SeveralPanthersplayers, eitherunwilling or incapable of understanding the gravity of the situation, sent tweets taking responsibility for the decision to swipe the banner, painting Newton as a common patsy.

» NFL Media's Patrick Claybon did some digging, calling up FASTSIGNS, a national signage company with a location in Fayetteville. Claybon reports that a 5x3 vinyl sign can be purchased for $119. Dobs valued his sign at $500, though it's unclear who he did business with.

» The last word goes to Cam Newton himself, who was asked about the escalating situation on Monday. His response: "What banner?"

We will provide updates to this story as it develops.

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