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Eric Decker surprised Jets chose Christian Hackenberg

On Tuesday, Around The NFL colleague Dan Hanzus took to the Matrix in order to explain the Jets' current situation at quarterback. As more comments trickle out, though, we're coming to find that the Matrix may be too simple a descriptor.

Owner Woody Johnson said there could be no deal between Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets until both sides get together. internal-link-placeholder-2.

And now, here are some quotes from the team's top two wide receivers to bring us up to speed:

Brandon Marshall (via The New York Post): "Just seeing Bryce (Petty) and Geno (Smith) grow so much the last year is really encouraging, and I'm just proud of those guys. "We'll be OK." He later added that Fitzpatrick is a great teammate and leader, and that he expects a deal to get done.

Eric Decker (via "I was a little surprised, to be honest with you (that the Jets drafted quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the second round) but (general manager) Mike (Maccagnan) and his scouts do their research and homework for a reason and they saw something special with him. I guess they wanted him earlier than later."

Honestly, we're just having some fun at the Jets' expense. While it seems like total chaos, the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that Fitzpatrick is the right fit for the job. Jets coaches have alluded to it, and even though Marshall's comments were made to seem like he could do without Fitzpatrick, he understands the business side of the game.

Because there are limited topics to discuss at this point, quarterback drama takes center stage and is warped into something far more serious. Fitzpatrick is almost out of options entirely aside from returning to the Jets. The Jets are completely out of options aside from starting Smith.

Like most contract squabbles, this will likely play out before the start of training camp and we'll wonder why we spent so much time panicking. If not, we dive deeper into the Matrix.

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