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Eli Manning: 'Tough' for Peyton to switch teams in '16

Speculation on Peyton Manning's football future has dominated an otherwise tepid lead-up to Super Bowl 50.

Although Peyton has acknowledged to close friends that he expects Sunday's game to be his last, Eli Manning warned NFL Media's Andrew Siciliano on Friday not to expect a decision in front of an international television audience.

"I don't think this is going to be a situation where win or lose a decision is going to be made on his career on Sunday night," Eli said on Super Bowl Live. "... After the season, he'll think on it and figure out what he wants to do."

Archie Manning revealed Thursday that Peyton has come to terms with the fact that his Denver career is ending whether or not the 39-year-old quarterback opts to play in 2016.

"He probably envisions himself getting good and healthy," Archie said, via ESPN's Mike and Mike. "If he is good and healthy, can he play? I think he pretty much knows that it wouldn't be with the Broncos and that would be another thing, to change teams."

Archie and Eli are in lockstep with their belief that searching for a new NFL home could be a deal-breaker for a potential 19th Peyton season.

"He had some offers last year from teams, some teams talked to him," Archie added. "But I think that was going to be a lot of drama, again, to change teams, that he didn't want to go through. He did do that once, so I don't know that he would want to do that."

Per the New York Post, Eli said Friday that he can't speak for his brother, but "no, I think (playing elsewhere) would be tough."

In a Thursday conversation with Siciliano, Archie said he expects Peyton to "leave a little avenue open" to continue his career if his health convinces him he can recapture early 2014 form.

Whether it's as a studio analyst, a front office member or a potential owner, Manning understands he will have amazing opportunities once his playing career is over. It has to be a comforting feeling to know that he has a great life waiting for him if his body tells him it's time to hang up his shoulder pads.

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