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Eddie Lacy 'debating' haircut after dreadlock tackle

Eddie Lacy spent the offseason getting his body into football shape. Extra poundage might not be the last thing to go.

The Packers running back acknowledged Friday that he's considering a major haircut after a 49ers linebacker pulled him down by the dreadlocks in a 21-10 win over San Francisco.

The hair-pulling tackle came midway through the first quarter after Lacy barreled downfield for a 21-yard gain.

"I'm debating after that," Lacy told the Green Bay Press Gazette. "I don't know how many more of those I'd like to experience. We're in camp. So I've got to wait until I get out of camp, and then I'll assess it."

Said Lacy of his yanked dreads: "It definitely hurts."

Pulling hair is not outside of the rules, but Lacy -- who ran for 45 yards off seven attempts -- sees an extra hazard in getting dropped to carpet in such a manner.

"For my legs," Lacy said. "They're important. Because that's how most guys hurt their knees, because you get pulled from the back. Which is why the horse-collar rule thing (exists). So luckily that didn't happen."

The most quizzical aspect to this potential makeover? Lacy told reporters that the earliest he could possibly chop his hair would be Green Bay's bye in Week 4, when he travels home to Louisiana.

I mean, we're talking about a haircut here: Would the Packers not allow their star rumbler to shuffle off campus for 20 minutes to get this done?

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