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Doctor expects Jeudy to progress 'without limitations'

Jerry Jeudy is expected to be one of the top receivers selected in Thursday's first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but it won't arrive without some trepidation.

Two teams expressed concern about Jeudy's left knee, which sustained a torn meniscus in 2018, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported. Dr. Lyle Cain sent a letter to all 32 teams detailing a previous surgery Jeudy underwent on his knee with the key detail that "Jeudy has not required any treatment" on it and Cain expects the receiver to progress "without limitations," Rapoport added.

"Based on his progression with two seasons since his injury in April of 2018 as well as his lack of symptoms and current MRI showing maintained articular cartilage surfaces wtih no subchondral edema or signs of any kind of lateral compartment wear characteristics, I suspect that he is not a significant loader of his lateral compartment with his mechanics and he should be able to progress through his career without any subsequent difficulties," Dr. Cain wrote in the letter.

The message: Jeudy suffered an injury but shouldn't have any issues with it going forward. His bill of health is clean.

With that positive info considered, Jeudy should still be selected high in the first round. We'll find out where he's headed Thursday night.

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