Divisional Round player rankings

Here are our rankings for the coming week at each position to help you decide your starting lineup. Our rankings are based on the following scoring system: three points for a passing touchdown; six points for a rushing/receiving touchdown; one point for every 20 passing yards; and one point for every 10 rushing/receiving yards.

Last updated January 9. * = check status (not necessarily injury status)


  1. Tom Brady NE vs. JAC
    1. Brett Favre GB vs. SEA
    2. Peyton Manning IND vs. SD
    3. *Tony Romo DAL vs. NYG (Note: With a healthy T.O., we'd put him at No. 2.)
    4. *Matt Hasselbeck SEA at GB (Note: Sore wrist, thigh bruise.)
    5. Eli Manning NYG at DAL
    6. David Garrard JAC at NE
    7. Philip Rivers SD at IND

Running Backs

  1. Ryan Grant GB vs. SEA
    1. Joseph Addai IND vs. SD
    2. LaDainian Tomlinson SD at IND
    3. Fred Taylor JAC at NE
    4. Laurence Maroney NE vs. JAC
    5. *Brandon Jacobs NYG at DAL
    6. Marion Barber DAL vs. NYG
    7. Maurice Jones-Drew JAC at NE
    8. Shaun Alexander SEA at GB
    9. Maurice Morris SEA at GB
    10. Kevin Faulk NE vs. JAC
    11. Julius Jones DAL vs. NYG
    12. Kenton Keith IND vs. SD
    13. *Reuben Droughns NYG at DAL
    14. *Ahmad Bradshaw NYG at DAL (Note: Calf injury clearly not a problem.)
    15. *Michael Turner SD at IND
    16. Greg Jones JAC at NE
    17. *Darren Sproles SD at IND
    18. *LaBrandon Toefield JAC at NE (Note: Sat out last week's game with an ankle injury.)

Wide Receivers

  1. Randy Moss NE vs. JAC
    1. Reggie Wayne IND vs. SD
    2. Wes Welker NE vs. JAC
    3. *Greg Jennings GB vs. SEA (Note: Not listed on the injury report after missing Week 17 with an ankle injury.)
    4. Plaxico Burress NYG at DAL
    5. D.J. Hackett SEA at GB
    6. Patrick Crayton DAL vs. NYG
    7. Chris Chambers SD at IND
    8. Reggie Williams JAC at NE
    9. Anthony Gonzalez IND vs. SD
    10. Donald Driver GB vs. SEA
    11. *Terrell Owens DAL vs. NYG (Note: Coming back from a high-ankle sprain, and his availability is still in doubt. Participated in Monday's walk-through. The low ranking here indicates our skepticism.)
    12. Bobby Engram SEA at GB
    13. Jabar Gaffney NE vs. JAC
    14. Donte Stallworth NE vs. JAC
    15. *Nate Burleson SEA at GB
    16. Amani Toomer NYG at DAL (Note: Frequently targeted over the middle with Jeremy Shockey out.)
    17. Sam Hurd DAL vs. NYG
    18. Vincent Jackson SD at IND (Note: Where was he during the regular season?)
    19. Ernest Wilford JAC at NE
    20. *Marvin Harrison IND vs. SD (Note: Probably will play - from a fantasy perspective, we can't justify starting him until he actually plays and stays on the field.)
    21. James Jones GB vs. SEA
    22. Koren Robinson GB vs. SEA
    23. *Deion Branch SEA at GB (Note: Expects to play after missing last week's game with a calf injury.)
    24. Dennis Northcutt JAC at NE
    25. Steven Smith NYG at DAL

Tight End

  1. Jason Witten DAL vs. NYG (Note: Even if Owens plays, Witten will probably have more passes thrown in his direction.)
    1. Dallas Clark IND vs. SD (Note: Sat out the last time the Colts played the Chargers.)
    2. *Donald Lee GB vs. SEA (Note: Sat out the season finale, but presumably there was nothing serious.)
    3. *Ben Watson NE vs. JAC
    4. Kevin Boss NYG at DAL
    5. Marcedes Lewis JAC at NE
    6. *Brandon Manumaleuna SD at IND (Note: Would start if Gates can't go.)
    7. Marcus Pollard SEA at GB
    8. Will Heller SEA at GB
    9. *Antonio Gates SD at IND (Note: Toe injury has him day-to-day, at best.)
    10. *Bubba Franks GB vs. SEA (Note: Knee injury, unlikely to play.)


  1. Stephen Gostkowski NE vs. JAC
    1. Mason Crosby GB vs. SEA
    2. Adam Vinatieri IND vs. SD
    3. Josh Brown SEA at GB
    4. Lawrence Tynes NYG at DAL
    5. Nick Folk DAL vs. NYG
    6. Nate Kaeding SD at IND
    7. Josh Scobee JAC at NE


  1. New England vs. Jacksonville
    1. Indianapolis vs. San Diego
    2. Green Bay vs. Seattle
    3. Dallas vs. New York Giants
    4. New York Giants at Dallas
    5. San Diego at Indianapolis
    6. Seattle at Green Bay
    7. Jacksonville at New England
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