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Did Bruce Arians throw a little shade at the Cowboys?

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians consistently makes us wonder why other coaches don't have as much fun with their respective pulpits.

When speaking about Corey White on Wednesday -- White was recently cut by the Cowboys and signed by the Cardinals on Tuesday -- Arians threw just a little bit of shade in the direction of the Dallas Cowboys.

White, if you'll remember correctly, was one of two players released by the Dallas Cowboys in part because they did not wear a coat and tie. This, while the Cowboys still insist on employing Greg Hardy.

While we don't know how deep Arians' feelings on this matter go, it's another chuckle-worthy moment from the NFL's best player's coach.

Arians' rise reminds us a bit of Rex Ryan's (2009-10) in that it was a breath of fresh air. The player's coach trend rose momentarily and, as long as Ryan was winning, life was good and he wasn't forced to be quiet.

Arians shows no signs of being a short-term wonder, though, which is good for all of us who could use a laugh now and again.

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