Cutler: Dolphins' offense 'humbled, little embarrassed'

Just days ago, "garbage" was the word used by coach Adam Gase to describe Miami's spiraling offense.

Dolphins fans found new words of their own after Sunday's 20-0 throttling by the Saints in London. As did quarterback Jay Cutler.

"I think we're all, on offense, a little humbled, a little embarrassed," Cutler said, per the Palm Beach Post. "And we feel like we're better."

Beyond a meaningless, last-second touchdown against the Jets in Week 3, Miami has otherwise been shut out for eight straight quarters. Endlessly badgered by defenders, Cutler has been vastly out of sync with his receivers while running back Jay Ajayi -- the centerpiece of this attack -- has accounted for 62 yards rushing over the past two weeks.

"That's the thing," Gase said. "Just talking after the game, we're all just trying to figure out, 'Is it one thing where we're kinda slowing this up or is it multiple guys? Is it play calls? Is it the scheme?' We're gonna have to really look back at these first three games and see what's going on.

"We're at a point right now where, three games in, I would've thought we'd have some better results ... I just know we're better than what we've done the last two games."

Gase acknowledged, per the Post, that he's never been part of an offense in such a rut. That said, last year's Dolphins also stumbled out of the gate to a 1-4 record before turning the operation around.

Many of those same pieces are still on the roster, but the Dolphins need Cutler to awaken, Ajayi to regain his might and Gase to scheme this team away from the badlands they currently wander.

The challenge starts Sunday at home against the Tennessee Titans.

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