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Cowboys rookie Collins 'locked in,' pancakes defender

La'el Collins is not your normal undrafted rookie.

On Thursday night the Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman displayed why:

Holy Moses, that poor San Diego Chargers linebacker had no shot. It was like Collins was reenacting a scene from The Blind Side -- you know the one.

"I was just, I was locked in. I was ready to roll. It was just a great opportunity to be out there and have fun," Collins said, gleaming after his first preseason game, per the Dallas Morning News.

The circumstances that dropped Collins from potential first-round pick to not being drafted were unfortunate, but he landed in a good spot on the most talented offensive line in the NFL.

Collins entered at left guard on the second series of the game and played throughout the first half.

The rookie added after the game that he was "so far behind" the rest of the Cowboys' offensive line.

"There's a lot of things I need to clean up, things I can get better at, keep working on," he said. "I'm so far away from where I want to be at, I just need to continue to work."

With more work, more pancake blocks are sure to follow.

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