Cowboys handle Bengals in Hall of Fame game

Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice could be excused if they turned their eyes away from the field. Maybe there was a rerun of "Dancing with the Stars" to catch.

The NFL offensive icons who entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame the previous day could not have been comfortable with the action at Fawcett Stadium on Sunday night, when Dallas beat Cincinnati 16-7 to open the preseason.

At least they could marvel at Chad Ochocinco's footwear.

The Bengals receiver wore gold shoes for his few plays. Was that a tribute to Smith, Rice and the other members of the Class of 2010?

"That's exactly what it was, how did you know?" he said. "That's exactly why I did it."

Asked about possibly being fined by the league for sidestepping the dress code, he threw up his hands in disdain and moved on to other questions.

"Chad has so many different-colored shoes he is like a woman," Terrell Owens chimed in.

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