Cooks sees greatness in Watson: What can't he do?

Brandin Cooks has caught passes thrown by a couple of NFL greats, and he sees something similar in his new quarterback.

Cooks gave a sparkling review of Texans signal-caller Deshaun Watson when speaking with reporters Thursday.

"From a film standpoint, what throw can he not make?" Cooks asked, per NFL Network's James Palmer. "He makes every single throw like those guys."

Those guys are Tom Brady and Drew Brees, surefire future Hall of Famers who have thrown touchdown passes to Cooks during his NFL career. The deep threat believes Watson, the quarterback of his new team, is cut from the same cloth.

"His process, his hunger, his drive and dedication is there as well," Cooks said of Watson. "And that's what I've learned from those guys and seen from them every single day."

Watson is a star, the answer to Houston's long-running question under center whose heroics helped the Texans to a comeback playoff win over the Buffalo Bills. Now that he's paired with the young passer, Cooks believes his teammate's magic acts can help Houston's offense produce a winner capable of making it even deeper in the playoffs -- especially with Cooks, receiver of more than 400 passes in his career, running routes for him.

"What can this guy not do?" Cooks asked. "You can't answer that."

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