Committee Meetings RB preview: Patriots

Commitee Meetings backfield categories:

Last season, this 'Committee Meetings' column focused on some of the most headache-inducing committee backfields for fantasy owners to deal with. This season, for the sake of reducing some of those headaches we thought it would be helpful to put all of these committee backfields into categories based on how carries are projected to be split, the various roles each running back plays in their respective situations and the philosophies of different teams when it comes to the all-important run game.

Hopefully you can use this categorization as a guideline to make decisions on whom to start each week, build some bench depth at the running back position, handcuff your starters and uncover some potential waiver-wire targets along the way. As the season evolves, these categories will evolve and be revised depending on how things shape up each week. A look ahead will also be provided to preview upcoming matchups and hone in on some hidden value plays.

Remember that this is not a ranking of fantasy running backs, but more of a reference on how different teams project to utilize their running backs. Be sure to check back for weekly updates that will reflect backfield storylines as they develop over the course of the season.


When it comes to the New England Patriots backfield for fantasy purposes, the team is in a league of its own. Predicting who the best running back will be on any given week is comparable to "Charlie Work": It's a dirty and near impossible task that will destroy your pride and self-esteem as a human being. And if you get it right nobody will think you are smart, they'll just call you lucky. So quit while you're ahead because it's not likely that you get it right even once. And if by chance you do get it right once it's definitely not going to happen again.

With that said, Blount is probably the most talented and most fantasy-relevant back of the group for 2015, though he is suspended for Week 1. So post the names of the other running backs on a wall, blindfold yourself and then throw a dart at them. The name you hit won't lead New England's backfield in fantasy points during the season opener, but one of the names you missed surely will. Good luck!

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