Colts name Reggie Wayne volunteer receivers coach

The Indianapolis Colts have an apprentice coach on hand as they began Phase 2 of offseason workouts. That teacher happens to be one of the team's all-time greats, Reggie Wayne.

New Colts coach Frank Reich invited Wayne to be a volunteer coach working with the receivers and assisting wideout coach Kevin Patullo. The Colts hope Wayne will impart some of his wisdom to a growing unit.

"Oh man, Reggie, he's the best," Reich told the team's official website. "And sometimes as a coach, when you get a former player that's done what someone like Reggie has done -- which few people have done what Reggie has done -- we're always excited. But furthermore, when you actually coached the guy, it takes it to a whole new level of excitement, because I know the kind of person and the kind of pro that we're getting. I know his knowledge of the game, his leadership on the field -- really, with the whole team -- but specifically with the wide receiver group can be dynamic."

Reich served as Wayne's receivers coach in Indy back in 2011. Wayne will be inducted into the Colts' Ring of Honor in November.

After his 14-year career in Indy, Wayne has been working as an NFL Network analyst. The six-time Pro Bowler has considered switching gears to coaching. Getting hands-on training in a low-intense setting like offseason workouts could inform Wayne's decision.

"Well, I think it's an important part of the process for a player," Reich said. "I mean, it's not an easy transition to go from player to coach. I mean, everybody would think it would be seamless, it would be easy, but it's a different deal.

"And, you know, I think when you kind of go the [internship/volunteer] route, it allows the player to make sure, 'Hey, I know I love the game, I know I love being with the guys, but this is a huge commitment. And does it all work, does it all fit?'" Reich continued. "And it gives you a chance to grow into it without that pressure of going all-in right from the start."

Wayne's former teammate, Robert Mathis, is working for a second season as a pass-rush consultant for the Colts.

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