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Coach: Chip Kelly changed offenses weekly in college

Chip Kelly's New Hampshire laboratory must have been something to behold.

To hear Eagles quarterbacks coach and former Kelly collegiate assistant Ryan Day tell it, there was no difference between Kelly and a gourmet chef starting from scratch.

"At that time, we were changing offenses every week. We would go from Run 'n Shoot to the Wing-T to the Veer. One week we threw it six times, the next week we threw it 65 times," Day said, via Birds 24/7. "Coach kind of had a laboratory there, and it was a lot of fun to be around."

Kelly, like many other former college coaches, found his way after a little while. Many, for example, would have no idea that Tony Sparano used to be the signal-caller in a high-flying Run 'n Shoot offense.

But Kelly is most certainly different. His offense has yet to be completely dissected at the NFL level, and this is the first season he's truly gained control over the front office. Now, he has his players to run his scheme.

Though this angle has been picked apart, it really will be fascinating to see the next level of Kelly's experiment play out. For years, he's been working on the perfection of a system that, regardless of opponent, should succeed.

Like Day said, it's a plan long in the making.

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